Mayada Brand Collab: Abaya Styled 3 Ways

abaya /əˈbīə/ a full-length outer garment worn by some Muslim women.

Elevate your style in an instant by adding an abaya in a neutral shade- it's like the perfect blazer! A chick abaya in a dark neutral color is always my go-to. I usually opt for an abaya that is simple in design for an elegant look. Dressed up or down, it's the perfect mom hack when you want look put together for the day. The possibilities are endless! Not to mention, it looks great on all body types, and it's a staple wardrobe piece.

I recently collaborated with Mayada Brand, and was gifted one abaya and three hijabs of my choice to style. I wanted to see how many fabulous looks I could get out of the abaya. Honestly, I could do so much more with this abaya. Check out how I styled my Mayada abaya 3 ways.

Timeless Elegance

Black Abaya/ White Dress/ Light Pink Hijab

ABAYA// Mayada Brand - DRESS // Inayah similar here - HIJAB// Mayada Brand - BRACELET// Asos similar here

This look is traditional and timeless. The white and the pink accent the black abaya perfectly. I own several abayas but this one has definitely moved its way up to my favorite. I was able to capture the elegance of this timeless piece by keeping the jewelry simple. Of course, I had to add flowers.

Cute and Comfortable

Black Abaya/ Olive Green Pants/ Black Turtleneck/ Black Hijab

ABAYA// Mayada Brand - PANTS// ASOS similar here- TURTLENECK// Target similar here - HIJAB// Mayada Brand - SHOES//DSW similar here - CLUTCH// Zara similar here

Can I just say... I was feelin' myself with this look. First, these pants are my absolute favorite...I mean look at them. I wanted to be comfortable but cute with this one. I decided to leave the abaya open and for a relaxed look. Simple jewelry in gold tones are my thing right now, and are perfect for this look. To add a little extra flair I opted to add a pop of color with my heels and a cute accent clutch in a simple neutral tone.

Edgy Flair

Black Abaya/ Leather Pants/ Black Turtleneck/ Black Hijab

Black Abaya// Mayada Brand - Leather Pants// Zara similar here - Turtleneck Target similar here - Sneakers// ASOS similar here - HIJAB// Mayada Brand - HAT// Amazon

How I dress on any given day depends on what person I want to reflect to the world- Tracee Ellis Ross

Recently, I have been embracing all things that make me happy, and that means channeling my original style. I have been out of practice since having my children, so this particular look was an ode to me. Leather is definitely a staple to have in your closet! I own several "leather" pieces; this was the perfect opportunity to incorporate leather into an edgy relaxed look. I wanted to show the versatility of this abaya by dressing it down with sneakers and edgy accent pieces to spice up the look a bit.

Mayada Brand also has lush hijabs to style in multiple ways. Pictured are the Premium Chiffon Hijabs in pale pink, black, and pink beige.

...As always love and live naturally

Brown Sweats Fig Hijab.jpg

Peace and Blessings 

I'm a Layan, of Naturally Layan and LAM Culture.  Thank you for joining me, as I share my journey of marriage, motherhood, and entrepreneurship. 

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