Sips Tea: 3 Black Female Owned Tea Brands to Try Now

tea /tē/ a hot drink made by infusing the dried crushed leaves of the tea plant in boiling water.

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By now, if you follow me on social media (Instagram and Facebook), you know that I have a thing for tea. Most mornings you can catch a quick Insta Story highlighting a new tea blend, or just me slowly infusing my tea along with a song that captures my current mood. I'm not trying to gas myself up, but my Insta Stories are a #wholevibe. Right now, my morning rituals give me life and a good cup of tea- or two, is must to get my day going. Recently, I have been indulging in 3 black owned tea brands. Wait, BLACK FEMALE Owned tea brands (insert all the #blackgirlmagic here). These teas are not your ordinary run-of- the- mill teas.. this is not Lipton honey. These brands are some of the most luscious loose leaf teas I have ever tasted.

A little backstory, I was introduced to loose leaf teas years ago, by my beautiful sister in-law, who gifted me a lovely Teavanna set with some amazing tea blends. This changed my world of tea as knew it, and I was hooked on loose leaf tea. Teavanna has long since closed, and because I made the conscious decision to support small black owned businesses, I began my hunt. I became intrigued by the many loose leaf black owned tea brands that are making a debut. Loose leaf teas have become very popular because of health benefits and elevated flavor profiles, and honestly many of these tea blends are absolutely beautiful to look at.

Amazing Tea Brands to Know

Jayida Ché Herbal Tea Spot

Jayida Ché reminds me of community gatherings; sharing and listening to stories with elders. I wouldn't mind sipping on a nice cup of Masala Chai or Jazzy White while taking in the stories about ancestral greatness. Jayida Ché is pure elegance in a cup. Its embodies all the elements of a good cup of tea... relaxing, herbaceous, and good for the body! Jayida Ché is...GOOD tea.

Teas With Meaning

Organic. Delicious. Multiple Uses. Medicinal Properties. Enough said! The owner's loose leaf tea journey begin through a beautiful and triumphant quest of healing the body through herbs and loose leaves. Each lovely and vibrant tea blend is created with meaning and intentionality. And, can I just talk about the color! The most VIBRANT red brewing right before your eyes is captivating. I have tried most of Teas With Meaning blends but my favorites are definitely: Prototype Herbal Blend, Royal Tea (seasonal blend), and Winter Solstice. Thus far, the hubby loves this brand (it's his we order very frequently). Also, a very necessary and added bonus the owner treats her customers very well!

Adjourn Teahouse

Honestly the name says it all. Adjourn Teahouse hand made full leaf blends are the most unique and lush. I. MEAN. LUSH. I have ordered several blends (9 so far...and counting) from this gem. The ingredients used to make these teas, are some of the most unique. I'm talking about dried bananas, corn (don't be scared honey), carrot, blue butterfly pea flower, rose gold mica powder, or subtle hints of golden sugar. The teas are not only indulgent, but they are a sight for the eyes. I have NEVER experienced tea like this. Sis put her HEART in these blends. Nothing gets my day started like a good cup of any one of her Signature Blends: Puddin, Afro Blue (a beauty when brewed), Home Sweet, Rimshot (I almost cried when I first tasted this one), and these are just SOME of my favorites. And, I like to end my night of with one of her Luxe Blends: Lady Lady (if you like Earl Grey you will love elevated take on a classic) or Smoke ("a conversation starter that challenges your taste buds", she wasn't lying about that). All I know, you will want to turn on your favorite Neo Soul Artist (or some Sade) and just...Adjourn. Can you tell I'm a little bit obsessed?

These Black Owned Female Brands have set the bar for elevated tea. My future, has tea connoisseur written all over it, and I can't wait to see what other brands are out there. Who's going to join me on this delicious journey? always love and live naturally.

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Peace and Blessings 

I'm a Layan, of Naturally Layan and LAM Culture.  Thank you for joining me, as I share my journey of marriage, motherhood, and entrepreneurship. 

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