Sustainable Earth Day Activities

Earth Day is right around the corner, and its the perfect time for families to learn about protecting and conserving our planet.

My children have come to love Earth Day, and the days leading up to it. We read plenty of stories about our planet, have discussions of about environmental issues, work on different Earth Day inspired activities, explore in nature, and think of things we can do collectively to help. Recently, I've been driven to become more sustainable and develop habits that will help our planet. For example, learning to conserve our natural resources, practicing sustainable consumption (recycle, reduce, reuse), composting, use eco friendly/ homemade products, and caring for all of Allah's (swt) creation (plants and animals). In addition, to making our annual Earth Day cookies, we decided to add a few other activities to list.

Go on a nature hike or walk

Nothing says Earth Day like getting outdoors and experiencing everything nature has to offer. Take a walk around the neighborhood, find a hiking trail, or take a mini family trip to your state's National Park. Exploring outdoors helps revive our love for the planet, as we gain a new appreciation for its many gifts and wonders. And, the perfect time for nature journaling and collecting nature finds.

Make Eco Dye

Using materials you have around the house, have fun dyeing different items such as white shirts, napkins, or wooden beads. There are so many items right in your cabinet you can use to make eco-friendly dyes. Spices, coffee grounds, teas, food scrapes (vegetable peels, seeds, etc.) can all make fabulous dyes. We used turmeric, coffee grounds, and hibiscus tea to dye wood beads we found in our basement closet. We are going to string up our beads and make small tasbeeh (prayer beads), and these can be a beautiful sustainable Eid gift for family members.

Make art using old items and kitchen staples

If you are like me, you always have eggs on hand. We love eating eggs for breakfast. But, did you know eggs can also be used to create fabulous works of art? During, the Renaissance period famous artists, like Leonardo da Vinci, used egg yolk to make tempera paint. The addition of egg yolk to natural made pigments produced vibrant colors.

Make delicious earth day inspired treats and read books

Cooking and baking together, is one of our love languages. It's just something we love doing as a family. So we always have to make a treat. I mean, what's a celebration without delicious treats and books? We made our annual Earth Day Sugar cookies. This year I opted to use this organic cookie mix. I was pleasantly surprised the cookies came out good (at least that's what my children said). We spent sometime reading and browsing through our Earth Day selection.

What are your plans for Earth Day?

As always love and live naturally

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Peace and Blessings 

I'm a Layan, of Naturally Layan and LAM Culture.  Thank you for joining me, as I share my journey of marriage, motherhood, and entrepreneurship. 

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